Portable Manual Coffee Grinder Machine-Small Grinders(Black)


The Manual Coffee Grinder has a built-in adjustable stainless steel conical burr with 28 grids to ensure you have 100% precision & control over the coarseness of your grind. The hand-crank coffee grinder mechanism eliminates over 90% of the noise that electric coffee bean grinders produce. Let you add joy and fun in the process of making coffee when you are on the journey.

Maintaining a lightweight and moderate sense of weight and luxury. The aluminum alloy surface will avoid ground coffee from sticking, and a small brush is enough to clean it up, Convenient to carry and clean, It is ideal not only for home use but also for carrying outdoors or traveling.

Choose COTGCO Coffee Grinder to be part of your coffee journey! No longer just for buying a non-electric tool, let the extraordinary daily experience enrich your life. Our innovative design, stainless steel burr, and exquisitely wrapped pack, all parts of the coffee grinder make it expensive and elegant.

Product Specification

Package Dimensions

12.13 x 9.72 x 3.15 inches


‎20 Grams


‎Stainless Steel

Item Weight


Enjoy the fun of manual grinding anytime and anywhere

Patented Point To Point Coarseness Adjuster

Adjust coarseness point to point by a steel ball damping structures to ensure to precise of grinding.

Sharp Stainless Steel Burr

Grinder burr made of 38 mm-efficient. Stainless steel grinder burr hardness to HRC 55-58 cut beans fast and consistently.

Easy To Clean

The aluminium alloy surface will avoid ground coffee sticking, a small brush is enough to clean it up.


Grind For Any Bean

Steps For Usage



Adjust the grinding degree of coffee beans according to your needs.



Pour the coffee beans from the top of grinder. (Less than 30g)



Hold the body and rotate the handle.



Pull out the container and pour out coffee powder to make delicious coffee.